Importing & rendering SolidWorks in Maya

I wrote a tutorial on how to import a SolidWorks model into Maya. In this how-to I also describe how you can make a SolidWorks cleanup-button in Maya, very useful if you import to Maya a lot!!!
I wrote instructions on how to get started on realistic rendering aswell.
It’s not completely finished yet, but it’s already very usefull

you can find it here:
Render a SolidWorks Model in Maya

It’s on Wikibooks, which means that if you think you know how to do something better or something should be done differently, you can edit the tutorial directly! Anyone is allowed to do that! good luck!

good job my man. I have been playing with doing this for awhile now. Iges files just don’t import well if you don’t have the right settings and the polytrans plugin for Maya is a pain in the arse.

I made a Blender counterpart of this tutorial. Blender is an awesome free & open-source 3D suite. It’s basically the same tutorial, just a different app!

you can find it at:
Render a SolidWorks Model in Blender

Happy rendering! See you at wikibooks :o)