Importing/merging Solidworks models into 3dsMax

Yo gang,
From Solidworks, does anybody have a good method of exporting or translating a model that’s usable by Autodesk 3dsMax?
Thanx! \o/

save as an iges, regular defaults. Open it in rhino to fix any issues that may have happened (there may be some smaller surfaces that aren’t perfect). Join any surfaces that are to make a solid body and make sure they’re completely closed. Then save as an iges. Make sure your rhino file is .001 tolerance. Then in max open up that iges file. Your solid parts will still be solid.
There are other ways to do it directly from sw to max but I always found that there would be issues or all of the surfaces would come in separately. Doing the iges translations seems to work best from what I know but I still have experimenting to do.

What’s really supposed to be the best are the npower translation plugins that you buy, they’re supposed to make it easy and flawless.