important design trends...?

I came across a post about this last week, but it was quite outdated (most replies from 2004). Can we bring it up to date? :bulb:

If you had to sum up new design trends, materials, techniques, or resources what would be your picks?

What are the most influential design choices being made currently by designers?

I think I replied to that but my prediction for a future trend is the growing popularity of a Linear design aspect in creative design. From the Marc Newson Puerta America bar designed a couple of yrs ago to Karim Rashids new furniture range and in media too- the new Justin Timberlake video shows how shapes can be manipulated and highlighted using linear cross sections. We will see it more in interiors(walls/hidden lighting) and bathroom/kitchen products
Puerta america

Follo basin

Karim Rashid

Propellor pendant light

For the pop-culturally challenged, what is the name of the new JT video? Any link to see it online? I can stomach a JT video if it has a design lesson in it :wink:

Lovestoned. Incredible video.

The shake/blur found in the Rhianna “Umbrella” video is pretty cool too.

Those pictures listed above by the Fish guy were very good. Gave me some ideas for renovating my house!

the shake/blur camera thing is very popular

I think you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the sustainable/green surplus lately. Even the Discovery Channel has now introduced a “Planet Green” channel devoted to the green lifestyle.

Even the web has gone “green”-
“Powered by Google, Blackle was created on the premise that a black, as opposed to a white, computer screen saves a significant amount of energy.” -Core77

With that trend comes recycled/eco materials for products, ‘greener’ manufacturing, etc.

This is an obvious trend, but definitely something that is an influence, and probably should be mentioned.

Pinkygrl I agree,

Eco materials will hopefully start being used more frequently in design- Obviously some sectors are already impacted by eco materials but it would be nice to see green materials being used in DIY or construction. For example, Solid Surface materials cuch as Corian and Himacs are not very green. What about a eco friendly solid surface material using, say, hemp resin?

Some recent trends I’ve noticed:

Sustainable Design (hottest by far!)
Design 2.0 (participatory design, crowdsourcing etc.)
Design as art/design-craft
Innovation methodology
Urban planning in Asia
Lifestyle design, “brand-you”
Pharmaceutical design

Style trends:
The color green, brown
Glassy things

The ammount of resin to use hemp exceeds used in corian etc, if you look at natural materials you need to address the total energy cost inclusive of transprotation and recyclablity. Green is just a current catcy phrase, like movie producers saying their carbon foot print is zero because they planted some trees, not adressing all the costs along the way for a true carbon cost. You want to be green, buy little, keep it, repair it, recycle it when its done.

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I did’nt realise hemp was not a commercialy viable crop-its used in all sorts of industry( every material needs transportation) but you are right about some green produce ie Ethanol is still not commercially viable (subsidized)