Import Alias Studio to 3DS Max/ Nurbs and Polys?

What is the cleanest way to get an Alias Studio model into 3DS Max when:

  1. Keeping the model as a Nurbs object?
  2. Converting the Nurbs model into polygons for UV mapping (preferably quads)?

Ive had good luck using Moment of Inspiration for converting iges files to quad only obj files. Pretty nice conversion.

That’s intersting to hear. I heard that Maya has an option to convert Nurbs to an all quad mesh too. Afaik 3ds Max doesn’t have the ability to do this. I haven’t seen a way to convert to an all quad mesh in Alias neither. Anyone know if it’s possible?

I don’t know really, but my 2 cents would be that Maya might handle this better because Alias and Maya have more history towards one another than 3ds Max.

I don’t know of anything that lets you do this in 3DS Max. You can however import a .wire (after loading the studioImport plugin) into Maya and then use the Convert tool to conver it to quads or mostly quads. From what I’ve seen it is good at paramaterizing regular surfaces but struggles and starts to make some messy geometry when it gets to certain types of trim edges, etc.

Strange that Max will only convert to triangles, when converting nurbs to polys. I saw a video the other day of someone importing a .wire file into Max 2011, that’s interesting. Still stuck with triangles in Max though.