Impact of Design on Packaging

Hello guys,

I am exploring the impact and potential design can have on packaging (perception of product, driving sales, gaining new markets. ect).

Does anyone know of any interesting case studies or links?

eg - ‘New structural design increases Gatorade sales up to 50%’ (

I also heard about 7up once lightening their graphics, only to receive lots of complaints about the drink tasting different, when no change was made to the recipe.

Wow…Where do you start? My first suggestion would be to hit up all the Packaging blogs. . just to name a couple. Also to get a sense on what did not work look at Tropicana and pepsi. I am sure there are tones of articles out there on their numbers and how that whole mess effected them.

I will do some digging later and see if I can pull some stuff up for you. There is quite a bit online and if anything just going through packaging firms websites you should be able to find quite a bit.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to check out and look deeper into the packaging design blogs.

I am looking across a vast area of case studies (structural and graphics), anything that sells designs in packaging OR highlights it’s relevance… with the 7up thing i mentioned or Tropicana.

Thanks again, any more sources of information would be great.

DBA Case studies would have examples of packaging that directly led to business success… (PS theres a page like this for several years of awards)

Thanks Travisimo, that link is a great help!