Imaginary Apple products

Hi guys,

I’ve heard (or believe) that there’s a website of imaginary Apple products, conceived by Apple fans?

But I can’t Google it!

Any ideas?


I believe this is what you’re looking for:

Click on “apple prototype” and “apple design” links to see them.

Thanks Skinny.

I had the impression that there were hundreds of imaginary Apple designs - Ora Ito-like “detailed”…

Thanks again.


Check They usually have a lot of mock-ups; poorly done, most of them, but I think that’s the sort of culture you’re thinking of. The people who are so obsessed with Apple’s stuff that they imagine a hundred variations of the iCellphone, complete with advertising material and CG videos…

Thanks Arclight.

Quite hard to find any designs though.

I’ll keep looking…


Have you seen Isamu Sonada’s work at

Thanks hippatodahoppa.

That’s more like it!