Imagestudio Render Queue in Vista

ok, so I was running Imagestudio on XP before. It worked nicely.
But after a new laptop with vista preinstalled, imagestudio wont let me get into render queue. I followed the instructions in the IS help without success.
Does this seem familiar to anynone? And any solutions for it…? I suspect the answer is go back to XP, but still, it would be interesting to know…
thought i´d ask.

hmmm… Guess it’s not ok to say “only upgrade operating systems when you have two machines” … one as a backup.

I recently upgraded to vista and have the same problem, not been able to find a solution either. Sorry that doesnt really help does it.

I just dealt with this issue myself, among many, many other Vista OS issues for over the past year, unwilling to go back to XP, and forcing my way into accepting Vista and it’s thousands of problems…

Vista is the worst OS I have ever used, period. Listen to these hardware specs. Desktop PC running Dual Core 3.4 Ghz processors, 2 GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard disk space, a 250 MB Video Card, and some other bits here and there… Vista turned my machine into a snail. It was buggy, and slow. Unacceptable.

Difficult answer; Install XP.

Easy answer; Install XP.