hey - i have a whole bunch of images i want to but up online in the online folio section yet there in .ai format - illustrator - it won’t let me save them as anything else

how can you save an image so it’s file size is small yet you open it it is large?


open it up in photoshop. There you can save in gif or jpg formats. Also, inside of photoshop there is an application called image ready. This ap lets you optimize the images for the web. There are many tutorials on line or get “Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book”

You can also do this in fireworks although I have never used this application.

Once you open your ai file in photoshop, change it to 72 dpi, rgb color, and get it so it looks the way you want on screen, change the file size, etc. Then do a “save for web” in the file menu. It’ll save it as a jpg that’s smaller file size than if you just do a “save as” jpg. You’ll be able to get a pretty big image that is a small file size.