images pixelate in word

Hi all-

I’m finishing the write up of my thesis, and having trouble with word and images.

My images are painfully pixelating in word after importing. Presized, etc before bringing into word- no editing in any way after.

Images look really crappy during printing. Is there some default setting that can be changed?

Looking for suggestions on either making word behave, or other software (Win2k) that is better suited to my task- documenting my thesis project!

any and all help gratefully considered-TIA

I’ve found using high resolution (300) TIFF files are best.

instead of using word, could you use another program to save and print from, like maybe indesign, place type and images, and indesign has a lot of great type features like justification tables (helps get rid of rivers)…export as a pdf, and the print outs should be fine, or maybe illustrator, if you have that, copy and past type, into a type box and then just layout the images and everything how you would like and then export as pdf, or if printing from home just file print. agreed, that your images at 300dpi will be good, alot of times images are 72 dpi or 150 and this is fine for screen, but doesnt come out really clean for print work.

good luck

When I have dropped images into Word they display and print just fine, in most resolutions (within resonable limits, of course). For serious document creation, I’d use a different program with better features as mentioned previously.

I’ll take a look and see if there is some setting that affects images, but to my knowledge there are no options for this.

thank you for all the great responses!

I would actually like to avoid word if possible- what seems to be happening is that the images get converted upon save to some weird word default format with low res- I don’t get it. They don’t look that great on screen afterwards either, though they are fine before placing into word.

Will check out Indesign, sounds like just what I need. Tried Illustrator but length of document and large amount of text made this kind of a mess for editing, formating, footnotes, etc.

sounds good-

let me know if you need any help with indesign.

good luck

I wouldn’t recommend bringing in raster based images into Illustrator. Your files will be huge. InDesign sounds like the best page layout application for you since you seem to be familiar with adobe products… and quark sucks.

Thank you everybody!

You got the illustrator thing right… indesign is a great solution

Successfully imported my word doc into indesign- took a little doing with the autoflow thing, but worked out great after that. Replacing all images with fresh. So far so good- just need to figure out how to do footnotes…

not if the placed images are linked…it actually keeps the files TINY…and allows for easy updates

I use illustrator alot what do you mean by linked? never heard of that-probably do that with out knowing–