Image Projection

Any Ideas of a cheap way to get image projections onto the wall. I have looked up from amazon to toys-r-us and found the zoom-box.


but was wondering if anyone has some other suggestions. I will be doing projections in the street/ lobby areas/ not in your standard class room set up and I don’t want to be spending much $$$. I am not too worried about resolution quality.


Do you want moving pictures or static image?

If static, a lamp with either cutout profile (batman style) or a translucent, printed fabric, glass or plastic, mounted in front might suffice.

Could you use an old carousel slide projector and load it with the images required?

Otherwise, rent the equipment if it isn’t going to be a permanent fixture.

If it is static one of these will do:

I assume its moving or digital though right?

It is digital. I am working on 2 projects for Parsons School of Design 100th yr anniversary and the other is for a class project.

For one of my concepts it does involve moving images, type (digital). Renting seems like an option and likely could get a rental paid for from Parsons. But for my personal project I dont have the $$$ to be dish’n out for this. I will have more details on the projects in the comming weeks. Right now in the second stage of concept development.


a look of what i am talking about: