Image organization

Okay here is what i am looking

A software program that will search all my drives and find my JPEGs and Tiff’s, allow me to view the images along with there data info so that i can organize them into a new folder. Ideally this would be a free software…

anyone know of any options?

Do you have photoshop? You might be able to do this on Bridge.

Doesn’t Finder (mac) or whatever is equivalent in PC do this? Seems pretty straightforward.


Windows Explorer will do that… search by title, file extension, etc.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Scroll down to Windows Explorer > select Search (on the tool bar) and go from there.

From the “View” menu select “Details” for data.

Picasa did a good job of this and may still do a good job of this. Used to use it for a similar purpose. Select the folders you want to index in the folder manager and it will go through and index them all. Then you can go through and browse them. It should retain all exif data and you should then be able to go ahead and organise them in to new folder/s. I don’t use Picasa for this now so check it out and let us know… it is Win and Mac, so should have you covered there.