Image conversion help

figure not everyone goes there so posting in the open. thanks in advance.

Sorry, can’t help. Just letting you know people are seeing it. Just may be over most of our heads. Hope you get some answers.

should be simple. if anyone uses GraphicConvertor on a Mac, it should convert the files. GC imports IPLab and can export tif.

convertor on eMap ( ) isn’t working. i’ve tried.

gzip’d file of the images -

Winzip opens on PC. on Mac can use gzip utility - MacGzip Home Page

Just tried it with GraphicConverter. No luck. Says it’s in an unknown format. Won’t read trying just open. Isn’t recognized as anything when trying to do a convert. Extension that won’t read is .ipl. Maybe there’s another extension like how you can have jpg or jpeg. I tried .ip and full .iplab, no luck with either. Sorry.

big thanks. wonder if the files are screwy. think an email is in order. appreciate your taking time to try.

No prob, that guest was me above.