iMac graphics card

If anyone has a new iMac, could you post a final rendering from a cad program? From what I have read, the graphics card is mediocre and I have my reservations about purchasing one since you cant upgrade the card.

I am assuming you’re meaning a realtime rendered screen shot…b/c final rendering image quality is not graphics card dependent.

or even just opinions on the topic if no image postings, i understand the limitations of my question

im considering new imac but it has the ATI Radeon 2600 PRO - from reviews im not confident using it with solidworks, rhino, rendering etc… ID’ers main workloads.

Without firsthand experience I couldn’t tell you for sure. But what you can most likely expect is everything to work fine. There may be some graphical glitches, but they rarely effect the software to the point where it is unusable. Sometimes things in hardware mode just look a little off/glitchy.

On the opinion end of things - I think an Imac as a primary machine for design work is a waste of money. I appreciate how cool it looks but from a price/performance standpoint it just seems like a huge waste to me.

A 24" Imac with the low end CPU and 2 gigs of ram will run you $2k.

By comparison last week Dell had a QUAD-core desktop with 2 gigs of ram, a DirectX 10 Nvidia card, for $650. At that price you could add another 2 gigs of ram, a 24" display, and a Quadro workstation class video card and wind up with a system thats nearly double the performance of the Imac for less money. The desktop also offers the ability to easily upgrade all of the hardware…the Imac, not so much.

It might not be as pretty, but to me it’s hard to argue with that…especially when time is money, having a render take 2 hours instead of 4 can translate to a very big time/money savings.