I'm suck at design but I love design,What should I do?

I’m a design student and this year is my first year.
I love design so much but my teacher doesnt like my works.
I really want to be good at design coz design is my life,but I have tried everything and my teacher still doesnt like my works.

I guess I’m just suck at design…now I feel so lowww…
can someone help me?
maybe u guys used to feel da same too…how did u overcome ur prob?

This prob annoys me coz I think my dream is too high :cry:

Learning how to spell would be a step in the right direction :wink:

So your instructor doesn’t like your stuff. If you knew how to design then you wouldn’t be in school. This is your time to make mistakes.

… This is just one instructor. Do all your instructors feel this way. If your stuff hasn’t improved by the end of your sophmore year then I would consider another profession.

I recently scanned all of the slides of my schoolwork. I sucked too. In fact my freshman professor told me he thought design might not be right for me. Because I loved it so much I slept zero the next 3 years. I created my own projects when not working on school ones. I spent most of my waking, and some sleeping, hours in studio soaking up what others were doing.

Whether you like what I have done professionally or not Tim Fletcher 田阜才, President of One BusinessDesign, LLC. in Pittsburgh, PA
I have had a successful and happy career.

What everyone has said below is correct. At least give it until end of sophomore year. Just work smarter (sorry for the cliché), watch and discuss what others are doing.

I Agree.

I had a couple of first-year instructors tell me I would never be a designer, yet here I am.

Just keep at it, work your a** off, keep your mind open to learn, keep your eyes open to see, and have a lot of fun.

Don’t be discouraged by what a teacher might have said… you can get past it… and prove them wrong…

Never forget that you suck- you can always get better. There is always room for improvement at whatever you do. Welcome to the world of high expectations.

… I too was told by an instructor in my freshman year that I would not cut it in ID (even though I had known I wanted to go into ID since I was 13), I was also told I was not “RISD material” in my sophmore year and asked to consider leaving the program.

I relished the irony of getting the Faculty Acheivement Award when I graduated and being one of the few graduates in my year to get a job designing products.

Follow your own path, work hard, and listen to yourself, and you will make it.

There’s pretty solid evidence many “so-so” design students - who graduated, that is - later became some of the most brilliant, passionate and original designers in working life.

Business life is not school, it’s actually scaringly remote from it.

Seek what part of the design process you excel or are unique at, that’s far more important than being all things to all people (i.e. to all professors) or being “relatively” competent at all facets of the profession, and there are dozens!

Design school will mostly train you at politics, you only learn design once you start working, i.e. at the school of hard knocks.

If you truly got “it”, you’ll stick it out through the worst.

In most schools you don’t even touch design until after foundations year.

Remember it’s your teachers job to tell you what you should be doing and how to do it better. If you’re doing what they’re asking, and they’re not happy, then it’s their fault too.

Youm wight youm suck!

Thank you so much for the advice.
I feel better now.
I guess I’ll try my best :slight_smile:.
I’ll prove my teacher that I’ll become a good designer.
I’m thinking of taking computer graphics next year.
Someone told me that if I love animation,it doesnt guarantee that I have the ability of making a good animation.
I used to feel scared hearing that,but now I know that no matter what people say about me, I will not let myself down.

Sorry about my english.It sucks but I’ll try my best to improve it.
Once again thank you for the advice.
If u have more advice don’t hesitate to continue this topic :slight_smile:.
You can share ur experience with me :slight_smile:

I had a professor who disliked a students work sooo much that they set in on fire and through it in the trash can and we all watched it burn. Consider yourself lucky your professor doesn’t hate your stuff this much.

Don’t have your only drive being to show off your teacher-because that dies out-and then what-and then next year you have to find another thing to drive you or push you-this is not a good way to be.

drive yourself-you said design is your life and you love it-so that should drive you.
I found out that the more you put your self into the corner and put obstilces like your teachers and your peers against you to drive you the more you are solo-and self centered-and less open to ideas by your teacher and peers-yes the peers are compitition but so are the students that graduated 5 yrs ago so don’t be caught up creating enemies out of peers or teachers.

you will be fine-work hard and be open to new ideas


dont worry…just because a design professor tells you something doesnt make it right or that you should take it at face value…if the professor doesntlike your work, it might just be his way to make you work harder and try to make better stuff…some professors do this because they see the potential but try to find a way to bring it out…kepp going though

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: YOUR TEACHER SUCKS!!!

if that idea dosent work,

concentrate on getting money ,

that way you can enjoy design

or marry up to some talent!

good luck!

You can see some posts that are helpless :angry: .
I see our society has many problems. The most chronical problem is insecurity and self-hatred that eventually turn itself toward to the others.
The Atychiphobia- Fear of failure makes people depressed, hate oneself if not hate eachother.
They hate you can’t spell because they hate themselves for such mistakes.
They hate you for not being A plus student because that’s what they are most afraid of.

(ex. hatred on different races, religion, background, level of wealth, level of education, sexuality, language uses, cultural expression and traditions–you tell me we all hate SOMETHING–but mostly because you can’t see your self being the one; including the hatred of someone who fails. We point out someone and call their names and give big L.)

You said design is your life and you are suck at design. Does it mean your life sucks??
No…I don’t think it works that way.
Design is one thing and Life is another thing. They met somewhere in your book of Life. You are designing things because ( you fill the gap here).

If your teacher don’t like your design… its good that you can try to learn what he is trying to see it. If he hates every single move you make, may be he hates you personally because you are ( you fill the gap here also). And there are lot of people who hate others inorder to achieve certain power, self consciousness or security—which is actually insecure.
You can move on or try to change the problem. Don’t hate yourself for people don’t like your works. If you are flipping Mc berger some point in the future, it is not the end. It can be another chapter of your life where things can also start. People come up with better bergers, restaurants, services and you can be next Mc Donald.
It’s all about your life. What you can make out of it is important.
Don’t blame on others, yourself, your teachers, parents, having no connections, money or even looks. It’s all in our fears.

that talk is very cool.

develop ways to sync up to peoples levels.

overcommunication is a fear creator.

oversimplification is logically a way, but what happens when lack of respect is unidentifiable?.

thats what thick skin and paitience and quiet resolve is for.

it seems like it is something like Marten Luther Kings methot for revolution.

then there is something about quality and vision followthrough.
very importaint, followthrough like golf.

packageing and product support integration philosophy, like apple computer.

excellent attitudes like steve jobs’s

the communication art involved is only a vehicle for ideas yet an art itself.
all which means nothing if vision dose not follow through.

i get angry when i suspect botched projects due to political failure.
politicall failure is related to your talk.

:smiley: !!!excellent discovery!!! :smiley:

Teachers should beat you up. That is their job.

It is too bad your instructor did not cultivate your skills. Push yourself and never give up. I look at designers like a star with five points. Bottom in Italian. All five stars need to be sharpened and honed or you don’t bring home the bacon for you manager. Put a blanket of RESOURCES on top and you have a hot designer.

UIC does not aid students much in the CAID department. I think those poor students are stuck with Microstation but they can communicate. Art Center can communicate visually but may lack verbally communication wise. MIAD can put out some hot Alias users but that depends on the student and who is teaching the class… and so on.


One most creative and able to respond
Five dry and trite and not able to generate ideas

The five may be good at using CAD but suck at sketching or the creative response. That creative response is what College professors try to cultivate or develop.

A Good at CAID
E Bad at CAID

I good communicator
V Bad verbal communicator

Uno good at skething
Cinco bad at sketching

Uno fast at generating ideas
Cincue slow at generating ideas

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