Im so hungover i could die!

Why do we do it to ourselves?? :unamused:

A large glass a water and 2 aspirin before you go to bed is the key.

I was just thinking this way last week, wait till around 4:00, you’ll start feeling better, and thinking straight agian.

it just tastes so good!
Beer never let’s you down!

:laughing: :laughing:

Its nice to see someone is in the same shape as me this morning. My question is…Why do we do this to ourselves on a Monday night.

Well…it is a 3-Day week after all.

2 for me. I am on Vaca tomorrow. Got to get ready to cook the turkey. :slight_smile:

livin a fast life is all good but its torture on the body…aint done no work…im the laziest bum!! ha ha :wink:

lol…perhaps because you don’t smoke pot.

silly beer drinkers :unamused:

I don’t know what you guys drink but I drink a lot of beer and tequila.

The way I cure my hang over is with anything that is spicy and a beer in the morning.

both is best

as steven wright said…

24 hours in a day
24 bottles in a crate


Take an Emerge-C which is basically B 12 complex and vit C that dilutes in water. knock that back with some advil and it’s glory time.

I like to stay awake until it wears off.

Hours and hours of fun.

take two prenatal vitamins (I got them from my pregnant girlfriend) and an antacid. works miracles, plus she said they make your nails stronger and your hair shiny. any way it can counteract an evening of seagrams and 7up so…

Big ol’ greasy hamburger large coke and some fries is the best hangover sponge. Gotta go to McDonalds at 3 inthe morning, and walk through the drive through lane for it to work however, thats key! The guy at the window likes when you do that.Gotta go right after the party/drinking inorder for it to work. there is one real close to my dorms, so all’s good in the hood.

Just my words…! :wink:

Eat four tablespoons of mayonaise, and then a glass of orange juice mixed with milk, half and half. Then wet a towel with lukewarm water and drape it over your head for an hour.

Pepto, Tylenol, 2 Liters of Water, Star Wars trilogy (either ep4-6 or ep1-3)