I'm red/green colorblind, is that a problem?

Hi all,

I’ll be 19 on Sunday, currently going to UConn for mechanical engineering, but I’m working on apps to transfer to a school with ID. I’m also red/green colorblind, will that be a problem in the ID field?
I’ve been painting since I was about 10, with paints labeled I got my colors right most of the time. One of the biggest mistakes I made was when I painted a forest red, once I realized it was red I quickly changed it.


we have developed excellent coping skills, so no, it will not be a problem for you.

What I eventually noticed is that my color composition skills were superior to my classmates, and critiqued as so too. I still assume it is due to our coping skills lead to developing color compositions that do not confuse or embarass ourselves, and that said compositions’ odd requirements have serendipitous attribute.

Not for industrial design I dont think- not terribly at any rate. Color enters later into the game so you should be OK for most product development.

No big problem here after 10 years. Sometimes it freaks clients out so I tend not to bring it up unless I’ve established a good relationship and its on a lighthearted note. Even then it goes without saying that everything I do that involves colors I’m not confident with goes past another set of eyes.

Thats why they invented the design review… :laughing:

I have a good friend who back in high school sat next to me in art. He was also colorblind and whenever we would do water colors I would always have to say “Scott…why are you painting the water brown?” Eventually he got used to the practice of hovering his brush above the paint and then looking at me for confirmation.

It’s all about team work. :smiley: