i'm pathetic

Can anybody post a site tutorial for model making? I’m quite pathetic at it. thanks…


wow that’s really helpful… :frowning:

foam models, wood models, surface modeling, solid modeling??


take a 3d modeling class. its the best way to learn, and also create projects for yourself. modeling must be done quick, but also be able to get your ideas across 3d.

subscribe to some 3D Arts mags…they normaly have tut’s in them all them time

also practice practice practice…or ask some one who rules how they did it

thanks a lot :smiley: though, i’m thinking how the heck could i make an HPV model, though? any advice on which materials to use? Its supposed to be a working prototype, and with less than 3 weeks before passing it to the professor… (he only gave us 3 weeks for the whole project). Thanks! :wink:

guess that rules out 3D software…