I'm not condoning it, buuuuut...

have you guys seen the ridiculous stuff they have on some of these variant sites?! check out www.airjordansfocus.com. again, i’m not condoning or promoting, but these guys aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re selling fakes. as a matter of fact, they’re using current designs and trends to crank out stuff that’s not even produced by the company they’re stealing from…yet(?).

here are some ‘interesting’ ones…

fusions…a novel concept, but in the wrong hands, or with lazy folks, it can be a detrimental thing =(

lemme say that IMO, fusions are the biggest cop out ever. And yeah, it’s crazy what these variant companies can do nowadays. A running joke with me and my fellow shoe heads is that it’s getting harder to tell legit product from variants. Not because of quality mind you, but because they both come out with outrageous colors and combos.

being a sneaker afficianado myself, i used to get on my soap box and preach that variants were the devil. i swore up and down that i was doing the right thing until i realized…michael jordan isn’t going to give me a medal for rocking nothing but authentics. i mean, i didn’t start rocking the fakes, but i also became less critical of those who did…

until i became a designer and realized the difference in price between real and fake isn’t just the cost of the brand…part of it goes to the designers and brains who create the look.

times are tough enough as it is, especially with that post about adidas letting some designers go, and fakes can only perpetuate the hard times for the designer, even though they seem like a break for the consumer. oh that catch 22!

the True Flight Fusion is quite hilarious. The TF designer got a kick out of that. :laughing:

In terms of fakes in general…I really can’t fault people who either unknowingly think they’re getting a good deal on their next pair of shoes, or who are just trying to save some money and still have a similar look to the ever-iconic numbered Jordans. At the end of the day, they’re just a pair of shoes to the general public, and while we might overestimate their importance, you can’t really fault the people that are buying fakes.

I can’t help but chuckle when thinking I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these posted on NT as authentic product for 09 the way it has been going. The state of the footwear industry is just sad right now. :frowning:

meh, i like it, i find it interesting.

‘designers’ need to lift their game if they’re being rolled by the knock-off merchants.

‘designers’ need to lift their game if they’re being rolled by the knock-off merchants

i don’t think it’s lack of stepping their game up that these designers are getting their stuff knocked off, but more to do with the lucrative nature of the ‘sneaker bootlegging’ industry. i mean, even the most innovative ideas, like foamposite and green-design are being ripped off…at least aesthetically. i mean, i doubt the knock-offs are actually made of one-piece molded foamposite material and that their jordans are made in a way that’s ecologically friendly, and i think that materials and process make up more than half of the innovation and design process.

if they can mimic the design process from start to finish and charge less than the companies they are ripping…THEN we can talk about designers stepping their game up because that means that the bootleggers are able to provide more to the consumer for less and at a more efficient clip. until then, fakes are a mere shadow of the real thing, with shoddy materials, makes and imitations limited by what they can make to look like the real thing.

I heard that Mark Parker (Nike CEO and shoe nerd) was given a fake and real Nike shoe and told to choose the real one…

…and the fake was so good that he couldn’t tell the difference.

… the source is another Nike big hitter… so its not bs.

Obvious fakes seem to sell pretty well on ebay though… so you can’t blame them for trying.

…also i think having ravenous packs of bootleggers out there pushing the boundaries and creating ridiculous fusions and hybrid models actually pushes the whole industry forward (profit loss not withstanding) u cant be too complacent about yr design when there 100 factories out there willing to try things u would never think of…

like i wonder how much greedy genius, madfoot, jb classics etc trying all their crazy colorways and fusions helped to push people in the big brands to take it a step furthur.

the more people making shoes the merrier as far as im concerend (except for the scarcity in footwear jobs but thats another topic…)