I'm looking for suggestions on how to sell furniture.

I’ve designed some furniture. My partner a craftsman made them. I’d like to sell it in NYC, mostly because I live in Western NY. It’s nothing new, but it is modern, very well built, and practical.

I have some idea of what needs to be done but it can’t be that simple. I know I’ll need to stick to small shops and interior designers. Has anyone done this before - any suggestions?


It really is that simple. Find some stores you think would be a good fit and call / email / stop in. Make sure you know what price you want, what your likely availability will be, etc. You might have to do consignment, might not. If not, figure out what payment terms you want. Some of this stuff may need to be negotiated. Most small stores are happy to carry local work, especially if it’s priced well and isn’t going to be hard to get more of if it sells. Set an LLC up for yourself too.

Thanks Scott. I’m going to ICFF. I’ll be hawking my wares then.

do you have a booth at icff or just going to look around?

I’ll just be looking around ICFF. Right now it’s fantasy for me to have a booth.

Hire a sales guy_heh…I dont know