I'm looking at some Master Programs in Canada and....

Hey! I’m starting to research Master Programs in either Fine Arts or Design in Canada and I need some suggestions along with information cause I’m a bit naive with certain things.

First off, whats the difference between a MFA and MDes, as in which one speaks more powerfully if you attain either or. I’m a graphic designer major and I’m wondering which program I should apply for. I’ve been speaking to a few of my designer buddies and they don’t have a clue cause their naive like me as well.

2nd, Which master programs in Canada are really good, legit programs? I’ve been looking at NSCAD, York, and others. I preferably want to be either in Ontario or British Columbia (Vancouver especially!) Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences, or information about any schools? I’ve been looking into York a lot lately and I’ve heard good things about the school but not a lot about their MFA or MDes Program. Although I do know about their combination of the MFA/MBA program or something like that that would be beneficial to any artists.

Thanks guys! :laughing: