I'm HIRING ID Positions at PepsiCo NYC

Hi Everyone,

Its been a while since I have posted but Im now at PepsiCo and have multiple positions open for extraordinary ID talent in our NYC studio led by Mauro Porcini. This would be a hands on position working with both our Product Design team (industrial Design) Design Innovation Team (long term strategy) to deign everything from food service equipment such as coolers/fountains, to structural packaging, to UX and many other products/services that heighten the brand experience.

If you are interested please send me a message to connect. The position is posted on Coroflot Coroflot — Design Jobs & Portfolios and you can learn more about us at http://design.pepsico.com/ .


In addition to Justin, Ive had a few other friends recent;y get recruited from places like frog. Seems like Pepsi is really building up their creative horsepower.

Absolutely!! Our roster includes frog, Smart, Ideo, Ziba, Continuum, Karim Rashid, and many other big name firms. This is by far the most talented group of designers I have ever worked with and we are always looking for great people!!


Anyone from Arnell Group?

Hahaha. Actually we do have someone that had a short stint their.


Say hello to Christian S if he’s still with you guys!