I'm Giving a Talk at UIUC May 8th

I’ll be giving a talk at UIUC on May 8th, at the Krannert Art Museum at 11am, I believe it is open, but I hope to see the UIUC crew out in full force!


italy on your travel plans? maybe your school?

No plans as of now, but would love to…


Sorry I don’t live in the vicinity…

I’m trying to figure out how to make it back to my hometown for this one… I’ll be in touch.

Really really not in the vicinity :stuck_out_tongue:

But maybe you can record it and put it online?
Love to see some of your lectures



Wish I could make it, a little too far south for me to get to that day. Enjoy yourself. Let me know if you make a detour to chicago.

Would love to be there in my old stomping grounds… Have fun!
…and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a decent laugh/applause if you chide the University of Michigan in your talk :wink:
Shalin (UIUC, B.S. Aero/Astro '01)

This should be pretty fun. I wish I could make it. Room 62 in Krannart is pretty nice too, and has been graced by an impressive range of speakers.

Looks like I’m in!

Wondering is Teddy or Bart have anything planned for Friday or post lecture Saturday?

get at me

Fantastic, it will be great to meet up! On Saturday the Senior ID show opening reception follows the lecture at 5pm. I’m going to tour the facilities in between then. I get into Champaign later in the evening on Friday.

Hanging out at Espressso Royal right now before the talk a 11

Good time, great talk!

Yo decided to make open it up to the students for questions from the get go which lead to a good dialogue.
While the focus was logically on the students, I found the discussion informative as well and came away feeling pretty

thanks Yo!