I'm completely torn in my college search. Need Help!

Hello everyone,

I really want to be an industrial designer. I feel it’s practically my calling. Anyway, I’ve been doing some college hunting and am totally distraught that there are no schools that offer industrial design in Florida. Many of them have industrial engineering, but not design. Heck, I’d even settle for product design, if I could find one.

I’d be willing to go out of state, if it’s my last resort. In Florida, I qualify for their state scholarship, but would have to pay extra for OOS. I’ve got my eye on Appalachian State University because its only 12 hrs away and about 22k for OOS.

I can’t see myself being anything else but a designer. But now, I’m torn between doing something that I’m captivated by and leaving home alone and facing fees. I don’t know what to do. I need advice! Thanks.

I have posted a list of some schools in the area, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale has an ID program, I know nothing about the quality of that program, but I would say the same for Appalachian State which you mentioned a place you might be interested in.

I would probably lean more in the direction of some of the outstanding Ohio schools, NC State, or maybe SCAD if it were me, Cincinnati and Cleveland being at the top of my list.

It has been discussed on these boards at length that you can often attain in state residency after living somewhere for a year or so, and often people will move to where they want to go and either pay one year out of state at that school, go to a community college, or work for that time. Then when they are able to gain residency they get the in state tuition rate.


Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Department Head: Brian Wood, IDSA
Degrees offered: BSID
Student Chapter Advisor: Patricia Grullon, IDSA
Student Chapter website: http://idsaaifl.blogspot.com/


Georgia Institute of Technology (NASAD accredited)
School of Architecture/ ID Program
Atlanta, GA 30332
Degrees offered: BS, MID
Department Head: Abir Mullick, IDSA, Professor and Director Industrial Design
Student Chapter Advisor: Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA
Student Chapter website: http://idsa.gatech.edu/

Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah GA 31402
Degrees Offered: BFA, MA, MFA
Minors: Interaction Design, Marine Design
Department Head: Tom Gattis
Student Chapter Advisor: John Morris, IDSA

North Carolina

Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608
Degrees Offered: BS
Department Head:
Student Chapter Advisor: Don Corey, IDSA

NC State College of Design (NASAD accredited)
Campus Box 7701
Raleigh, NC 27695-7701
Degrees offered: BID, MID
Department Head: Santiago Piedrafita
Student Chapter Advisor: Santiago Piedrafita


Cleveland Institute of Art (NASAD accredited)
Cleveland, OH 44106
Degrees offered: BFA
Department Head: Dan Cuffaro
Student Chapter Advisor: Carla J. Blackman, IDSA

Columbus College of Art & Design (NASAD accredited)
Columbus, OH 43215
Degrees offered: BFA
Department Head: Tom Kier
Student Chapter Advisor: Thomas E. Williamson, IDSA

The Ohio State University (NASAD accredited)
Columbus, OH 43210
Degrees offered: BS, MA, MFA
Department Head: Wayne Carlson
Student Chapter Advisor: James Arnold, IDSA

University of Cincinnati (NASAD accredited)
Department of I.D.
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Degrees offered: BS
Department Head:SooShin Choi, IDSA
Student Chapter Advisor: Steve Doehler, IDSA

im moving countries to study ID at a good school, and will face international student fees (usually 35-40k US per year), and can’t qualify for in-state residency b/c i am not an American citizen, so will have to pay the full fees for all 4 or 5 years. so i think you need to ask yourself how important this is to you. staying at home b/c it’s easier and cheaper is fine if there are good options for a quality program in your area (i did that for my first degree), but if there aren’t you probably have to be ready to sacrifice those things to get the education you want.

my 2 cents…

Isn’t it crazy how we live in the same country but cannot all get the same educational opportunities because we live in a particular state?

Florida is a great example because it really doesn’t have many options for industrial design and as a result if you live in Florida you’re screwed.
Open competition for students across the country would probably force universities to do a better job and have lower tuition.

Sometimes “United States” is an oxymoron.

Thanks for all of the advice. It’s important that I go to a school that has connections with other companies, so that my internship could eventually turn into a full-time job. Thanks again!

definitely look at Cincinnati then

Thanks. I made a profile on collegeprowler.com. After filling out my family’s income, they suggested that I’ll spend an approximate 14,845 out of pocket.
crossing fingers

Search the boards for discussions about Cincinnati (there are LOTS of them) for info, but one
nice thing about the coop program is that most of them pay fairly well in terms of internships and
such and you are essentially doing them every other quarter so it gives you a chance to have some income.

Ringling is in Florida and is NASAD accredited. I’m pretty sure they have Industrial Design as a major


I am not so sure …


Yeah you’re right. oops!! But I think SCAD will recognize Bright Futures

yeah but its still expensive and not that highly ranked. Even though it recognizes Bright Futures, they won’t give as much. Thanks though