i'm back

i’m back as i promised core77 once they fix the registration. eyho

so where the hell is everyone? stu are you here?

hey, how was Mars?

bring back any cool rocks?

Stu was having trouble with the rover and said he’d have to wait till the next 200mph windstorm to recharge the batteries.

apparently your race car used up all the juice reserved for the rover…or so he sez.

what kind of car is that?

mars was fine. a bit red perhaps but other than that i enjoyed it.
yeah i brought back some rocks . too heavy though.lol.

that car is a mercedes lemans i designed. it’s in my folio under the name ufo.

hi, new here but cool car. Is it one of the hobby toy plastic you build it yourself kit or some surfboard foam that you craft out?

it’s carbon fibre + composite, everything designed light weight it’s not a kit. it’s a mercedes lemans concept.

i don’t know if you can surf with it since it’s designed to perform on a race track but i imagine you can make a surf board out of carbon fibre if that’s what you’re interested in.

so did you measure and cut every piece out from a sheet of Carbon Fiber?

Mike, not sure if your joking or serious but in case you are serious it’s a CAD model.

yeah it’s a cad model. once the model is milled in foam or clay then it goes to the engineering phase where they make carbf parts. there’re structural techniques associated with this process. dependng on what the engineer decides as the best structural solution. each part is redesigned to engineering specs with all the other materials taken into consideration. it isn’t anything like your typical ID process. there’re a lot of modifications and test done to assure the structure sustains its function. but the finished product has to look awsome, even the parts that are hidden because it represents a brand. i guess this part is more like ID.

long time no hear!

nope, wasn’t joking or try to be stupid with the question. I didn’t join the old form so i didn’t know what was going on beside looking at the model on his avatar. :wink:

sounds like fun and a lot of time being put to it. So do you plan to sell them in the future or just one of your hobby?

i know. is that flash gordon or robin hood?

it’s the line of work i intend to do among other automotive design. it’s actually a mercedes lemans concept. it’s a concept race car. i haven’t applied to mercedes benz. i talked to their hiring manager last year he told me they’re full and are not hiring unless a designer leaves. seems pretty intense. they must love each other. i’m looking for a company to work with right now who likes to experiment with new revolutionary and innovative ideas. they’re hard to find. most companies want mainstream trendy shit (stuff that you won’t see next year) because that’s what sells. and it’s gonna get even worse (more trendy) since now almost all major companies use one platform for several cars or they copy each other off. so my solution would be: just be rude to your boss.

i still don’t know which one is interested out of true desire to go out there and rock. well, it’s one of those right time- right place deals for me anyway. i’m hard to distract. the possibilities of distracting me with trends is near “0”. so in that sense it might be hard to find the right gig with the right auto company.

another problem is that most people (meaning average buyers) think of cars like they’re tshirts with engines in them.

totally agree with your statement above. But can i ask if you could post a better pic of your leman design. it looks sweet and if you dont mind posting a good pic of it, i would like to save it as a wall page on my desktop since it is so different and how you do it up.

So what is your background? Automotive designer?

thanks. i have to create a new folio and put the wallpapers in it then link it here. but right now the employment section is not working.

my background- basically started off as industrial design got into architecture a bit then back to designing electronics and some automotive. right now i’m intersted in automotive but i also like to design other things if they’re interesting.

well, let us all know when you going to post up the folio :stuck_out_tongue:

as for your job… good luck and i hope to see some of our design in the near future.

the wallpaper you requested is posted on coroflot now under username ufo<^><^>. you’ll see my designs in future, sooner or later . i feel sorry for the competition.

sweet… thank you for posting it up and i’ll look into what you posted. And i am looking forward in your designs :smiley:

dude where are you now ?