I'm always jealous about continuous income!

Musicians have developed their own system to get continuous income (royalty), and also it can be used universally,

but designers have very weak guidance.You think is it impossible to make similar kind of system like music industry
in design world?

You might think that design industry is also facing a threat these days.

But I think this doesn’t change the royalty system, because they have regulations, global unions…and so on.

Why designers cannot make this kind of regulation? Because distinct characteristics of design area?

Or designers’ special personality to avoid to muster?

I don’t really understand your question/statement?
There is a royalty system in place for designers…
I am getting royalties.

Yes, of course, designers can choose royalty contract, but I mean musicians have a regulation, and it means any group or person can gain money if they register their name in order to defend their rights to continue making a profit from that music.
But for designers, do we have this kind of minimal level of protection SYSTEM? for newbie like me…
I know registering design is useless and takes too long time…