Illustrator Vector God

If techvector is awesome, Kevin Hulsey is awesome’s daddy.

The cruise ship “tutorial” is pretty impressive
960 hours to complete. That is nuts.

Definitely impressive. Very organized. He breaks down some very daunting projects into doable steps.

He is unbelievable.
But he does admit alot of the rendering is not vector.Still unbelievable work.

Most detailed and accurate I have of seen of this type!

I wonder if he uses Streamline to create some of the lines…does Adobe still make Streamline?

don’t get me wrong… I’m really impressed w/ all of that. It’s simply amazing, but do you think it’s practical? Although I’m sure he only does it when it’s required, but rendering in Illustrator isn’t that efficient is it?

Douche, its Art, illustrations, not an assembly line.

They WANT that look.

Some companies would like a hand carved wooden sign, say a lodge or a southwestern restaurant. Is it efficient? Why don’t they get a marker and paper.

What really jingles my berries is that some guy used to do these with an airbrush! no photoshop, no layers. That took some real talent. Not like the rest of us hacks using ctrl Z ten times to get one stroke right