Illustrator tiny doubt

Does someone know why when I open an illustrator file it automatically opens all the folders and layers (so i have to close them one by one), it is really annoying, since I usually work with a lot of layers in my files .

go to layers-palette options and click “show layers only”. That takes off the view of groups and objects so all you have in the palette is the name of the layer. It should be last in the list when you click the arrow on the right of the layer palette, that’s where it is on IL 9 anyway, should be in a similar place no matter which you’re using.

Cheers, that’s a good one, but it still opens and “spreads” the layers every time I open the file.

I’m not sure than if that suggestion didn’t work. There might be a way to set up your pallettes and windows a certain way and save that as the default layout, I think I read something like that before in the past, maybe not applicable to the newest versions. Try opening a blank document and moving everything over to it and resaving it as something new. May help if it was accidentally made or saved in a different version than what you’re using now and there’s legacy issues. Worth trying since nothing else is working.
If guy is around here, maybe he can help, he’s the IL guy.
Good luck.

Thnaks a lot mate, will try.