Illustrator - saved in different version

…so all the text are converted into mish mosh and images are gone. Is there a way to salvage the text? I don’t particularly want to retype 5,000 words…


What version are you working in?

You might want to try opening it in another adobe program, like photoshop and see what happens. I’ve run into problems using version 10 where things get saved and then you reopen the document only to find that the letters have been broken up into random groups so the word “industrial design” get changed into “in d ustr ial d es ign” its a pain in the ass and I never have figured out how to recover that. Might be a good question for adobe.

The image problem sounds like you didn’t go into your links and embed the files. I know that when you forget to do that some programs will ditch the image. Adobe Acrobat does that and it used to drive me crazy putting email presentations together.

You can also try saving it as an eps file and then open it in another program. If you do need to redo it try sample files where you embed the fonts, create outlines, etc and see what works for you.

If you want you can email me the doc and I will try to salvage it for you. I’m on version CS and I do Illustrator / Photoshop things all the time. Send me a private message for the address.

Hey buddy, this is the “General Design Discussion”. But in the spirit of i.d. I will try to answer your question. What if you convert your text to outlines, have you tried that?

When using freeware fonts, somtimes the kearning can go all wonked out when it’s typed on a path. Not sure the exact reason. As said above, covert text to outlines and go from there. It’s no longer editable so it’s wise to keep a version of the editable text handy even if it is f*ckered.

The text gets messed up when saved as a PDF and then reopened in AI. I usually save a AI version and then do a “create Outlines” version to set the text in stone.