Illustrator Resources

Hello All -

I’m looking for illustrator resources, specifically plastic buckles I.e. ITW nexus, Duraflex or something that looks close. I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember a thread that linked to a site that had vectors of different plastic buckles. I’d rather not re-invent the wheel, especially because I’m not very good with illustrator (as you’ll soon see). If I find, will post the link asap as I can’t be the only one who’d like to have something like this.

I had to do all of mine from scratch. Get to work on those illustrator skills, it’s not hard :smiley:

Please, with sugar on top?

It’s way easy. Just use the rounded rectangle tool to draw a square. Draw another one smaller and inside of the larger one. Select both at the same time with the direct selection tool, right click and click on “make compound path”. Done. :stuck_out_tongue:

some suppliers will provide PDFs and DXFs of their products to use but it would probably still be easier and quicker to do it yourself.

Never use the rounded rectangle tool!
Don’t use Filter > Stylize > Round Corners either.

Use regular rectangles and use Effect > Stylize > Round Corners.

Effects are editable via the appearance pallette. So you can change or remove the radius. Can’t do that with the rounded rectangle tool or Filters.

PS, the problem with using two compound shapes is the radius won’t match from interior to exterior. A simpler solution is to use one rounded rectangle with a super-fat stroke. If you need to, you can convert the stroke to a solid object via Object > Path > Outline Stroke (Note if you use my rounded corners technique above, you’ll need to Object > Expand Appearance first.)

I know this thread is ancient, but if you still need some vectored duraflex buckels shoot me an email. I would just upload the .ai or a PDF but the board won’t let me.