Illustrator Question

Do any of you have any suggestions on how to recreate this letterform in illustrator?

Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks!

looks like they may have used the dry ink brush

i’m not sure how you could do it illustrator, but if you had coreldraw then you could use the trace bitmap feature. it would take, at most, a minute.

what version of illustrator are you using?

if you wanted to be really meticulous, you could trace the image in autocad, save it as a .dxf and import the .dxf into illustrator. depending on how proficient you were with acad, it probably would take maybe five minutes. if you’re just doing that one letter, it may be worth the time investing.

or you could just look up a similar font and just install it onto your machine:

that would take longer than five minutes, but once you found something you liked, then you could the whole alphabet.

Illustrator has a trace feature–but it doesn’t have any controls.
(Find it in the tool palette as a secondary option behind the blend tool.)

I would use Photoshop’s path-tracing instead, then import the resulting paths into Illustrator.

Start by up-sampling the bitmap (using bicubic interpolation,) then cranking the contrast (levels)–this will help eliminate the jaggies prior to tracing.

if you just want to turn that image into vector art

the right tool to use is adobe streamline

illustrator has a auto trace tool if you want to copy it

or if you want to create something similar laureng is right that you could make a s shap and apply a brush to the stroke

I agree with BryanBrutherford. You can bring it into Adobe Streamline if you have it and save it out as Illustrator .EPS. You have much more on-the-fly control any clean up many of the vector points created in the paths. Make it pure black and white though you want the most contrast you can get before bringing it in to Streamline.