Illustrator question

Hi All,

I haven’t used Illustrator in a few months and have forgotten how to do something and can’t find the info on the internets.

I need to resize a sketch in Illustrator and make it available to put on the web. I’ve gone to “save for web…” and saved as a jpg but doing so only makes the text I have in the document blurry.

Any ideas or tips for better resolution?

Much Appreciated!

Try file >> export >> jpeg (from drop-down menu) >> then select which quality (10 maximum) >> save. That might work, depending which version you have. I have cs2.

There’s a quality level you set when saving for the web…is it set at max? Maybe it’s defaulting to 60 or something. I have never had blurry text saving for web at max quality.

try saving as another web-friendly format, gif or png, which dont blur vector art as much

Thanks guys,

ppadilla- that was it! I had already tried saving it as a .gif but no luck either. When I went to ‘export’, I was able to set the quality and the dpi which is exactly what I was looking for. Worked great.


Cool-- glad I could help.