Illustrator question large file size even with linked jpeg


Wondering if anyone can help explain this…

I have created some artwork in Adobe Illustrator for a trdeshow banner. One of the main elements is a fairly large image - approx 12.5 x 12 @ 300dpi.

I was under the impression that when I place this file in Illustrator, if I select “link” that the file isn’t directly tied to my Illustrator file (embedded) and my overall filesize for the Illustrator document would stay small.

My image is a jpeg that is 9mb when compressed.

Currently, if I link the image into my Illustrator doc the resulting filesize of the Illustrator file becomes 24mb. +the 9mb initial image

If I embed the jpeg the resulting filesize of my illustrator goes up to 43mb. (this makes sense to me as the file is being uncompressed)

I’m guessing that even with the linked file Illustrator is uncompressing it for previewing purposes.

Is there a way to get my Illustrator filesize down?

Thanks for your help.

That does seem a little large. When I encounter weird unexplainable phenomena in Illustrator, many times I’ll just start a brand new document, and copy/paste all the artwork, so you have a fresh file. Might be worth it to try this just for starters…I’d save it first without the jpeg, and then check the file size as a reference. That’s the only thing I can think of… good luck.

make no sense…in your “link” window is that the only image showing up? sometimes a hidden image is embedded…

do you have enourmouse amount of vector art and crazy gradients or fill?

if an image is linked, only a few hundred k will show up when you save…regardless of the image size…