Hellooooo everyone.
Does anyone here know how to create scalloped edges in photoshop or illustrator? I have made a small cluster of scallops but do not know how to create more and bend them, as a whole. Thanks!

what i do when i make pinked edges is type out 10 “V”'s (the letter V) and then goto create outlines/ then open brush pallette/ the create new brush/ select pattern brush and voila when just create your line with the pen tool and select the new brush you just created and the straight line you created will then have pinked edges. I suspect you could use another character or just use the line or circle tool and put your scallop shapes in a row and then create a new brush that way.

BTW you must create a new brush for each color. so if your letters or shapes were black when you created them, you will need to repeat all the steps if you want the line to be a different color

hope it helps

great, thanks, I’ll try it! When you do this, are the edges nice and round?

i dont use it for scallopped edges, only for pinked so, no there are nice and pointy. but it should work for you

seems like you could do the same thing with u’s or half circles to get them round… thanks for the tip jiggy.

I must be missing something in the first post.
In Illustrator: Draw a line (pen tool)
Punch in your numbers, hit the preview box to see your outcome. Adjust as desired.
Hit the round button to make them smooth, or keep them as v’s.
If you want U’s, expand the (round selection) zig-zag line so you have control points. Then corner pen all of the top points or bottoms to make a sharp transition. Then you have u’s all connected.

Thanks guys for all of your tips. Jiggy, I tried to create the line of u’s or half circles but I do not know how to create the brush. Basically, I need half circles grouped so that I can create any line or curve while the half circles do not change form.

Look at the scalloped sock, this is what I’m trying to do in Illustrator. If you know of an easier way, maybe in Photoshop, that would be fine also.

actually i just tried skinnys technique and it works better than mine…thanks

as for the scalloping, cant you just get it as close as possible and then call it out…most factories will know what you are talking about

I actually like jiggy’s technique. I’d draw a circle, cut it in half at the anchor points, then copy-drag from the left point to the right to get two u’s touching. Command-d a gazillion times and from the brushes pallete save as a pattern brush.
Command-d a little more than you need for your shape. If not, there may be a slight gap where the pattern repeats.
You’ll be able to modify that line and the scallops won’t change. Good luck.

group hug

RETARTED QUESTION: Command D?? What is this function? I’m on a PC. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

it replicates the last thing you did. Move an object, command-d moves it again the same amount. Rotate, or scale, it’ll do it again by the same amount.

alrighty, thanks!