Illustrator/Photoshop Rendering Techniques

Does anyobdy know of any online resources for Illustrator/Photoshop rendering creation techniques?

I am looking to work on my 2D rendering skills and would like to learn more about creating them in these software packages.

Thanks in advance!

have you tried a search:

key words:
illustrator, tutorials, free
photoshop, tutorials, free

also check out: Some people on the forum might know some good places.

You might also have better luck perusing for books at your local borders books store (if in the US) or

basic: The domain name is for sale | Uni Market

scan2line: The Williams Studio: tutorial four

rough concept:



generic: : by dhabih eng : welcome

all i’ve seen. not much.

Yes, I did.

I am not looking for basic tutorials on how to use the software - I have used them for years. I am looking for specific techniques that apply to product rendering for Industrial Design.


Thanks for the links. They are a start.