Illustrator CS printing problem | inkjet

I just installed the CS suite. (PC/Standard Version) I am now having a
problem when printing from illustrator using my cannon inkjet (MultimPASS
MP730) It seems that it doesn’t print transparencies: transparent and it
does some strange things when I place PDF files (created in photoshop with
transparency preserved) where the transparent area of the file changes the
color of the object underneath it (printing only.)

Couldn’t seem to find anything on the site. It sounds like it has to do
with flattening or some transparency printing issue. I have tried but still no luck. Any Solutions?


You can try to output the file as PSD.
Use Photoshop to print it out.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing. The color never prints quite the same from Photoshop although its close. I know I can print from Illustrator. I had no problems before installing CS. Pretty sure its some setting in the print dialog box. I’ll let you know if I get this figured out…

thanks for responding.