Illustrator and Flex Skinning problem

I wanted to post this on the Adobe Flex forum, but surprise! it’s down.

Anyway, I’ve been dealing with this problem for a week, and there is no info online, so I thought I’d post the solution up so that people can Google it and get help.

Here it is.

The Problem: You’re using Illustrator to skin a flex app and you are getting messed up text.

The Solution: Make sure not to use any text in any of your symbols in the Illustrator file that your turning into an SWF. Flex doesn’t like it. Instead remove all the text from your SWF and use labels in Flex.

Hope this makes it easy for someone to find a solution to this problem. I Googled forever and couldn’t find anything.

(Pay no attention, this is for Web Crawlers. Garbled text, funky text, weird text, wrong text, messed up text in flex swf from illustrator. )