I'll pay $200 for each drawing . Anyone interested?

I need my ideas redrawn. I have some purse concepts already made and thought out. If anyone is interested in drawing them leave your email. I have 5 right now, so it will be $1000. I came here first instead of Elance, but if this is too low don’t get upset because I don’t mean to disrespect your industry at all. I value your talents, but can only offer what I can afford.

Why not.



i can do it for you, i have really good drawing talent and everyday practice in it. :slight_smile:

I’m in!

My girlfriend is a fashion design major, so i’m used to drawing her stuff for her.

Take a look at my website http://www.jgabry.com let me know if you like what you see. I’d love to help you out.


Sounds fun…I got a little extra time…I do apparel design on the side for


get at me! tokes99@hotmail.com

I´m interested, there for would appreciate you send me more detailed info of what you are looking for. I´m a catia V5 user and on the other side i do sketches.
Nicolas Hussey

Send me more info:

I’ll do it for free! jremin@att.net

I will help you out with those drawings. I am a freelance designer. I have worked for Marc Ecko as a Assistant Accessories designer for women. Hit me up if you are still interested.



OK, OK, OK!!!

This is my last offer! I’ll pay YOU $250US if you let me do your illustrations.

Winners you mean Winner’s
because we’re working and you are not. Isn’t that right!

yeah, that’s absolutely correct

okay, drop dead lowest ball bid; $300US each, but I have to absorb the cost of the materials.

Haha, maybe he’s just trying to steal our contact infos.

wondered when the sh*t would fly.

$200 may not be much in the U.S. but in some places its a months salary or more. doesn’t make sense to me someone making rude comments given today’s reality. this isn’t even ID work…

I’d argue with you that this is not “ID” work. Of course it’s ID work; conceptually speaking there is not much difference between a piece of leather and an automobile body. They’re both products.

Mayhaps our benefactor, Ms. BagLady, would show us the the courtesy of announcing if/when she has selected a contractor.

Sadly, you’re right about the global value of $200US; no joking there.

I need my ideas redrawn.

i call that Illustration work. key word being “redrawn”. happy to differ with people on the definition tho.

I’d agree with the “illustration” moniker.

I’ve sure done my share of “technical illustration”, that and field engineering as-built drafting paid the bills for two years.

But it is ID, in the broadest sense of the term; if you’re an IDer, and you did it… . it’s ID.

It’s just another tool. N’cest pas?

"But it is ID, in the broadest sense of the term; if you’re an IDer, and you did it… . it’s ID. "

and again i disagree. if i pick up a piece of trash off the floor, is that ID work? no. it’s janitorial.

when i bill out, i charge different rates for different tasks. sometimes CAD rates. sometimes Illustration. sometimes Engineering. sometimes CG renderings. and of course ID. i do not call anything else ID. and i don’t bill the same rates between those tasks. if some people do, fine. i don’t.

of course, i was an aerospace engineer before i added ID. maybe all my work is aerospace engineering and not ID after all. :slight_smile: