Ill cs2: type character problem

The names of type characters are missing from the character window. I can see the fonts if I go up to Type>Fonts. Even if I select type object on the artboard, the character name dosn’t display on the window. Right now I have cs1 and cs2 installed. I didn’t have this problem with cs1, but now both cs1 and cs2 have this problem.

Are you on PC or MAC?

If youre on mac you might want to make sure that there isn’t something weird with your extensis suitcase. If it’s a PC I’m not sure what to tell you, might need to call Adobe (unless of course you are slightly less than legal). Also try restarting, sounds simple but its works for a lot of problems.

Worst case scenario, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the programs. If you are running a warez version you might need to go back online and find another version.

Lol. I got it working now. I had to “repair” the cs1 version. It appears Adobe shrares the same Common Files for all their application. However, the cs2 for both Illustrator and Photoshop has some productivity issues. Photoshop 7 is still best imo. Illustrator cs1 is pretty good too.