Ikea Swedish House Mafia record player

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Wow, that looks great! I wonder if the base is heavy enough to provide a good sound though.

Pretty nice, but I think a dust cover/lid of sorts is key.

Agreed, a lid would make it practical for day to day use. Ikea Hacks® to the rescue!


Does anyone know why the RCA ports are on the side?

I was wondering that as well…

Also, the switches have full radiuses…it would have been nice to pick that radius up on the vertical corners so they didn’t feel so out of place and you don’t get that awkward moment where 3 slightly radiuses lines meet at a corner with none of them being dominant. But, that is just my take on it.

My best guess on the RCA ports is having a clean backside is the priority. RCA Cables would require 1-2 inches of space. This way it can be slid back into a shelf all the way. There is no lid which would prevent that…

that makes sense.