Accepted into the ID program at IIT and also into the Royal College of Art anyone have an opinion as to which is better and why?

It depends on what sort of an experience you are after. RCA is, as the name suggests an art college, looking at their grad shows the projects are big on concept, small on detail but their appears to be a real air of creativity about the place (although a friend of mine who went there hated it). From what I understand IIT is much more ‘real world’ focused: this comes from an ex-lecturer who approached design very much from this point of view. My advice… you get ‘real world’ experience from the real world!

From what I know, the schools are almost polar opposites! You need to give more info about your interests, strengths and career goals.

Ok mor about me. Well I have a bachelors in MechE and have worked in research labs the past 6 yrs. i actually got into the IDE program at the RCA. So I want to keep the technical side and expand on the creative side. I have broad interests though…like most designers there isn’t one area i don’t want to tackle. I think I’m strong technically and want to apply that to many things. But I also want a creative outlet. Have some ideas for sculpturs that would be very cool. But nothing says one school stops me from doing what i want. i am just looking for the education that gives me the most flexibility.

Congrats–being accepted to both is tribute to your talent.

I’d say RCA is the better choice for you. IIT focuses on the business side of design, where RCA will allow you to flex your creative muscle while playing in a bigger sandbox.

go with the one most likely to challenge your ME background. probably RCA. i made similar choice. kinda by accident. glad it happened.

I went to IIT years ago and my vote is for RCA. Challenge and compliment your technical side. So many great designers like Konstantin Grcic and Jasper Morrison went to RCA. I’d go there if I could afford it. London is expensive but so much is going on there and it blows away Chicago.