IIT or Purdue

Hello everyone!

I have got an admission from Purdue University and another one from IIT for the master program in Industrial this fall.

I know for most people IIT might be a good choice. I am not sure that I want to be a strategist. And I am a little bit worried cuz my background is mainly graphic design. I really want to enhance my skills in industrial design but I am afraid IIT is not offering such classes.

On the other hand, I have my undergrad in a university similar to Purdue and I don’t love atmosphere there much. Also their faculty resourse seems limited and I don’t have many choices.

I am an international student so I can only learn about these schools through rankings, official websites and text books. So I wonder their reputation among some real alive Americans. Are these schools recognizable? How employers think of them? oAm I possible to be a industrial designer after graduating from IIT with a BA in graphic design(someone says those IIT grads who continue their design business are mostly with a very good foundation before entering)?

I know nothing of Perdue’s grad program but work with an undergrad who’s outstanding.

For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that since I’ve moved away from the Midwest, throwing out the name “Purdue” makes people think it’s some Ivy League school. My experience there was good and I’d consider it if I were returning for a Master’s degree. You make it what it is and I think it’s a great school, although I’m obviously biased. I like the variety that it offers and since it has an engineering focus, I think it helps make the ID’ers graduated from there a bit more in tune with manufacturability.