IIT -- name recognition

How important is name recognition in the design world?

I’m thrilled with IIT’s program but people often make a big deal out of “the name” for schools.

I am just wondering how important it really is, since the name “IIT” brings about a lot of confused looks here on the East Coast when discussing it with colleagues, who think I’m referring to ITT, the online degree.

I assume your degree was not in ID…otherwise you’d know how little name recognition actually matters.

IIT is arguably the most respected grad program in the States for design. the MBA hybrid is new and there hasen’t been enough time to know what that payoff is.

and anyone who you talk to who’s never heard of it probably thinks industrial desigers make factories.

True. The whole FIELD of Industrial Design is a battle of name recognition. :smiley:

I think you misread what he said.

He said names DON’T matter.

It’s the portfolio.

Did not misread, I was just making a joke.

how long have you been out of school? who do you work for now?

Most universities will require an ID bachelors for acceptance to grad programs, (you might try Stanford or Carnagie Mellon if “name” means that much to you) I assume money is not an issue?

actually, Northwesterns MBA in product development might suit your needs…

IIT is one of only two schools that I specifically look for in hiring.
It has great name-recognition in the design community.

That’s good to know.

The structure of the I.D. world (not my undergraduate degree) can definitely be a little mysterious to people looking to get into it. This site has been a great resource so far!