iit design school?

which one is better IIT B - IDC OR IIT K - DESIGN PROGRAMME and why ?

ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

hi …well i think it is a valid question
i have worked with graduates of boh school and have also visited them often

IIT B-idc------

it is a recognised school …all infrastructure in place and the faculty if OK but the exposure is good and placements are fine …but technical skills are luke warm and also too much emphasis on sustainable design and less on the commercial aspects …poor conversion rate of idea to sellable product. But then this is more or less with graduates of all school …you will learn everything once you start working and even internships help.so both are equal on this front

IITK – the program is new and as i remember three to four batches old…so i guess there will b some admin problems but i am sue these will fissile out in time …most important point in te curricullum …one is allowd to take up /study any …and i mean any subject taught by in IIT …so in case you have an idea .say on assisted locomotion tool …or a new concept on mobile communiction …you are free to sudy biomechanics to programming languages to say neural networking.
but then doe it it being new, the placemnts though they cheived 100% was not very great for all …some offers went to 4.5pa but most lower
but this should improve as the director of iit has taken it up as a personal mission to succed this prog.

so as for now if you ar looking for easy placements then iitb but more freedom of study and an improved experience then IITk

hope this helps

What about Guwahati?

thanks for the response id

can u tell me what is the industry average package that product designers have been getting around in india after graduating and henceforth

thanks …

yeah IITg

i don’t have a recent ab on that place …but this is what i knew back then

they have now got one of the most best faculties …all hijacked from NID and iitb …but the students are not very enthuciastic about the course …most of them are the ones who have got a low JEE rank and want t get into iit be it in design or anything other …so if you can neglect that i wuld say that not a bad place at all

another thing they have good student exchange program abroad esp FRance ( limited info though)

but bear in mind that guwahati does not have a very good industry interfacing …but i guess the influential teachers woud have some clout outside .

excuse my spelling mistakes …hope this helps

okie that info is gud … but i asked about what is the average pay package like for people joing from design schools …

definately iitk

IIT B has a good past, a decent present, but for the future, i’d bet on IIT K

that really depends upon yur discipline

for graphic / communication design -18k -40k permonth cost to company

for product 15k - 36k per month

What are the strong points of IITK, Does it stand out from other design schools of india in any way? What is it famous for?