iit c or cmu or ncsu -id

between having to choose an admssion offer for the graduate prog from cmu s MPD program, iit chicago s Mdes program and ncsu MID program…with the following features…

1 iit chicago…good history…good recruitment from a lot of companies…good alumni network…pretty high avg salaries…good faculty

cons- high tuition of 28 for 3 yrs(non design students), no finacial aid…

  1. cmu m.p.d.- big reputation univ…good faculty…

cons- just 9 mnth prog, only 2 yrs old…not sure of placement record…not much alumni network…and not too many past projs from seniors…tution of 28 k

3. ncsu- lower tution fee, chances of securing aid, good amount of alumni,
lot of senior projects, decent faculty.

cons- avg reputation…not much spoken about…not sure about the placements…

now having recieved admission offers from these 3 univs …i m in a dilemma to decide which univ to pick… could anybody offer their suggestions please??

What about the CPID or Interaction Design programs at CMU, they are well established, 2 years long, and have a good placement record.

what is your background? if you already have id then you could very easily enter the cmu program, no problem. otherwise i would chose iit or ncsu. i don’t know much about ncsu so i cant help with that. you need to visit the schools, they are all very different programs! spend the day, talk to the students and faculty.

thanks trent and cmu student,

i am from an electronic engineering background with a great passion for industrial design. and being from india…it isnt possible for me to go and check out the schools on campus or speak with the students there.

iit chicago would be very expensive as i would need to do an extra year of undergrad courses…but then their placement record seem very impressive.
i dont think i could afford their fees.

and i dont hear too many people speaking about ncsu on any of these forums though their site was pretty impressive and again i could learn more since it is a 2 and 1/2 yr prog with decent tution.

but cmu seems a good place to enter …atleast for its reputation…and just having to pay up for a year.

so …i am almost deciding to go with cmu though…i am still apprehensive.

wht say??

Chicago is less exspensive to live in then NY.

and CMU is in Pittsburgh

Well, while I certainly agree CMU is a good school the reality is that you will NOT get in 1 year at CMU what you might in 2 or 3 years at IIT or NCSU.

If you want to manage pd teams then CMU MPD is a good bet. If you want to work as a designer then one of hte other schools, or the Interaction Design program at CMU is a better bet.

The prime advantage of the Masters is getting a tenure track postion teaching in a University (less so for Art schools) - definitly go to IIT!

If you just want to work in ID (you want to change careers) North Carolina!

If you have lots of experience and want to manage CMU! (their 1 yr program has only intro to ID and Design history - not a practicie oriented degree)

Not sure what your life/career goals are, but me personally I would go to IIT (I’m into user-centered design, though mostly for screen, with a secondary interest in products.) Sure, CMU’s got the national name recognition, but anyone who knows this kind of design will recognize that IIT’s a great program. As for cost–I hear ya. I opted to enroll at a 3-year program for graphic design and I won’t lie, it’s stressful thinking about how much this is costing me. There’s not a day that I don’t think about dropping out to look for a job. But if you think an IIT degree will get you an additional $5-$10000 a year in salary over the course of your working life, it could totally pay for itself in that respect. Talk to alumni or whomever to see how they’ve fared. I imagine IIT grads are successful with big salaries. good luck.

There’s actually an Indian (former Mechanical Engineer) student in the grad program at NC State right now. If you’re interested in speaking with him I can give him your contact information back channel. Let me know.



that wud be really helpful,
please send me his contact to my email addrs-