IIT admission for MDes

has anyone out there got a call from IIT ( ID ) . it said on the website that the results should be out within 4-5 weeks of application processing, however i have not heard from them , also no email regarding the status.
i was wondering if ne1 out there knows if the decisions have been taken, or any1 has got a call?


hi, did you apply for the feb 15th deadline or april 1st? i sent in my application last week and got an email from someone at ID that i’d previously corresponded with that i should hear a decision this week!

i’m under the impression that they are going through applications as they come in at this point, but i don’t know what the protocol is for letting applicants know applications have been received or what the decision is.

it’s all very exciting, anyway. perhaps a polite phone call or email to ID would straighten things out for you?

although I have not recieved an actual phone call I have recieved several e-mails and notifications in the mail regarding acceptance etc…

The first e-mail I recieved was approxiamtely three weeks ago.

i hope this helps…somehow.

while it’s easy to email acceptances…would a school tell you over the phone or by email you’ve been rejected? ooOOooo


I received an acceptance in the 3rd week of March only from IIT, but no finacial aid :cry:. Just send a mail to Mr. Niti Bhan, he’ll let you know ASAP.

Thanks ppl
i sent my application for feb 15tgh,since i havent got ne news from them , i assume that i have not been accepted. very disappointed !!

I will try mailing to Mr. Niti Bhan though.
ashish r u from india ? new delhi in particular.

i hate to burst your bubble but from what I understand Nitti is a woman.

might help in correspondence…

oh good- I started getting scared after reading the posts about “Mr.” Niti Bhan. i had sent email to Ms. Niti Bhan a while ago.

I have a couple questions for those that got into IITs ID school. I decided to defer a year to decide if ID school is right for me. What are your backgrounds? Do you know anything about IIT’s reputation and ranking for product design? What made you decide to go to ITT?


i am writing in response to the lest questions asked about IIT.

from what i gathered, after visitng and kicking the tires, IIT is looking to help facilitate the role of the designer in future markets by educating and integrating designers about user centered design and buisness know how.

for me, coming from an industrial design background, this is a good thing.

i did notice that several major companies send thier employees to this school to study, which i think is a sign of accomplishment.

hope this helps

They do not care otherthings.

don’t worry:

I wish it were that easy.