IGES and Alias 2009

Yeah i’ve been trying to import IGS files from solidworks and rhino into alias and it’s not bringing up anything it says it error detection during translation cannot import iges, I’ve even saved a file out of alias as an IGES and it wont reopen it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Try to export from Rhino as Default IGES. I had the same problem importing into Alias Imagestudio 3.

If you have checked that your DirectConnect 3 Interface is installed and licensed try to import your IGES-File using the option box. There make sure that the IGES Trim Flag Option is choosen.

I would use rhino to export your iges. Rhino has an Alias IGES. selection when you export your files… Have you tried that?

I’ve tried to export out of Rhino as the default IGES and as a Alias IGES, as for the direct connect 3 how exactly can i check that to make sure it’s installed properly

Try *.stp/ *.step format(automotiveDesign)…just to check

lol great, it actually wont import anything

I can’t recommend anything about Rhino, but Solidworks and SolidEdge have various settings for the iges format that have to be just right to import into Alias. Make sure your bodies are being exported as trim surface nurbs (type 128). If it gives you the option, export for Alias.

Ok i finally got it to work, i reinstalled direct connect and it works now…thanks for the help guys