When I was in Singapore, I saw a commercial for this piece of exercise equipment called the iGallop:

I couldn’t believe it was a real product! Do you think something this obscene would ever fly in the US? It is only available in the Hong Kong and Singapore- made by osim, a Singaporean company…

Wow, thanks for posting the link to the ad. I would not have believed you otherwise.

I don’t think it is too overtly obscene, and therefore, you could sell this in the US.

Its pretty funny, the responses were from non-stop laughing to out-rage.

OMG - the commercial alone should be made into an entire infommercial - they’d sell millions worldwide!!!

BTW, have you seen these fine examples of Good’Ol’American ingenuity…http://www.asseenontv.com/index.html?

I don’t think we should talk…and what do you have against attractive asian women paying homage to our culture a’la Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader style anyway?