If you want Transportation design: READ THIS

I found this posted on the web. It is part of a master’s thesis which purports to analyze the top transportation design programs and make suggestions for what would be considered an “ideal” program. I will note that I found some errors in both his facts and statements especially regarding University of Cincinnati,which I am familar with. For example, most DAAP kids qualify for a Cincinnnatus scholarship,which reduces the cost of attendance signficantly. In addition, the acceptance rate for DAAP is MUCH lower than the acceptance rate for UC as a whole,which this thesis doesn’t note. Finally, the author clearly is biased towards in own school, Art Center. Thus, his overall conclusions may be tainted. However, it is an interesting read.


I thought I would bump this up for those interested in transportation design. It is a thesis that discussed the differences and similarities of transportation design programs.