If you Freelance, then how do you find work?

I’m curious to know how do freelancers find work? Do people find you or do you go to them? I’m thinking about doing that to get some experience because I haven’t done anything since finishing school 2 years ago.

Thanks in advance

network, network, network…if you haven’t a clue, read a book and do.

Just to build on what is trying to say:

The freelancing gig, in my experiences, have been both sourcing clients and clients calling me. What it comes down to is what has mentioned already: NETWORKING.

If you are thinking about getting into freelancing, expect to do alot of cold-calling, selling yourself and your ideas, schmoozing prospective clients, and talking to a whole bunch of different people. Be persistent, not pushy, and ALWAYS follow-up!!!

Since you mentioned that you haven’t got too much experience yet, then I’ll inform you now that you either have to:

  1. Make sure that your design skills are up to par with the competition out there.
    or 2. Be billing to work for pennies until you have some experience under your belt. (This, of course, relies on your client’s knowledge of how much freelancers are making. If they don’t have a clue, then you should be able to charge a reasonable rate).

Honestly, I was in the same boat as you are in now. I, literally, was looking for ANY kind of experience that I could get. So, after doing massive job applying, I lucked out in finding a client who needed some design work done. He basically sourced out freelancers, and I was able to do projects with him for a good 8 months (on a regular basis), and got paid with loaves of bread and bottles of water :slight_smile: kidding… seriously, though, I think I was making a bit more than a factory worker… Anyway, that 8 months freelance gig got me enough experience to land me my first full-time job/career and I could say that within my design career, I’m at a comfortable place now… and YES, the money did get extremely better.

Doing freelance was great, but I guess it just wasn’t for me. I know a lot of people, though, who are still doing it and loving it. You’ll never know where you fit best, unless you try it out.

Anyway, that’s the best information I could give. I hope that this has answered your questions.

More info anyone? I would really like to know how to get and keep freelance work.

Want to know how to get and keep clients… push yourself to be the damn greatest you can ever be.

For new clients: Prepare to show a lot of good stuff that you’ve done for other clients (if you don’t have any then make up some projects and try to enforce real world constraints). Send them out to prospects… follow up, set up appointments, ooze energy and self-confidence, and really believe that by them hiring you, the product will be really successful.

To keep existing clients: If you treated your client fair and square, worked your ass off and really assisted them to create great products then this shouldn’t be an issue. Let them know that you really enjoyed working on that project, establish long-lasting relationships and let them know that you care… and sometimes a few tickets to baseballgames or something won’t kill your wallet…