If you could....?

Ok, here is a question. If you could study at any school of your choice in the field of design, what school would you go to. Only on what you think is the best school, if you take out tuition, or what you can/t afford? AND WHY?

Artcenter for ID/transportation design.
Yale for Graphic Design(general Design as well) as first choice.

CarnegieMellon U, Cranbrook, Rhode Island, Pratt (all for ID)for the second choice.

I don’t have much knowledge on state Universities… Its just I hardly hear
the stories about them in NYC, or featured prints.

Its got to due with its Philosophy, Placement, Internships, Faculty,
Reputation and Fundamentals as what Adam Richardson wrote for core77.

I like conceptual based schools but also liked to learn about Engineering
process. Somewhat I see Artcenter as good choice for me but too far from
here and expensive to go (and also can’t spend 3 full yrs with expensive
rents in CA). I wish I was living in CA.
I hear more of Art based concepts for Carnegie Mellon and Cranbrook than Rhode I or Pratt. All of them seem to be interesting and FUN to study.

I have a BSID from a state school, and took some classes at CCS to polish up my skills. If I could I would go back to CCS and get a BAID just because I had a blast there.

I have to disagree with Pratt Kid on Artcenter for trans design. I’d say CCS has a leg up being that it’s in Detroit and you’ve got major automotive companies, not to mention, dozens of suppliers there.

Nissan, mitsubishi and mazda (for example) are in cali…

But if i had my choice, I wouldve gone to U cincinnati for BSID. Somehow 5 internships by the time I graduate seem extremely useful. Also they get a taste of toy, automotive and traditional product design, and seem to have solid skills.

Easy, Art Center. Chicks are hot, weather is nice, and by the way they also do nice work. But tuition is sky high and living near the school is expensive. Only complaint is the freaken smog in the area.